Our Goals & Objectives

To enable Akatakyiman to achieve its mission, the following key goals have been established:

  1. Good corporate citizenship – improving the quality of life of the people of its catchment area.
  2. Provision of security for shareholders wealth
  3. Efficient customer service
  4. Integrity and honesty
  5. Respect for one another.
  6. Community development
  7. High profitability
  8. Sustainable growth
  9. Efficient service delivery
  10. Excellent interpersonal skills
  11. High level of confidentiality
  12. Sustainable and progressive growth in shareholder value

The objectives for establishing the bank were to provide current, savings and fixed deposit accounts to its customers; act as agent for other financial institutions in the country; accept securities for safe keeping, act as executors or trustees of wills of small farmers and small merchants; provide finance for small scale farmers, merchants, industrialists and co-operatives within the district; and to engage in other commercial and or industrial enterprises in the bank’s catchment area.

The ever-changing nature of the banking industry, coupled with changes in regulations, technology and customer sophistication necessitated the inclusion of several products and services to the bank’s original range of services. Currently, the bank offers a range of products and services including Deposit, lending, and funds transfer products.